More on Saturday -

More on Saturday

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Lest you think that all we did on Saturday was go to Mayor’s Landing, here is the full rundown of the day.

6:00am Anders awakes
6:01 Henry gets up, dresses Anders, gives him milk and takes him on a walk. I don’t really know what they do since I am still in bed.
7:30 Henry feeds Anders.
7:40 I roll out of bed, feed the dogs, feed myself, hang out with Anders.
8:45 I ride my bike to yoga where I almost pass out everytime we do a standing pose. And this is prenatal yoga…
8:45 Henry and Anders play at home, take a little bike ride and then go the park.

Henry reads

Panda bear, panda bear, what do you see?
I see a person reading about me (for the 50th time today).

10:30 We all meet at Chadz, have a little food and beverage and Anders says hi to everyone who dares get near him.
11:15 We ride our bikes home, load the dogs in the truck and head to Mayor’s Landing.
12:00pm Return home and put Anders in his bed since he fell asleep on the 5 minute drive home.
12-1:30. Anders sleeps. I read a little, then sleep. Henry works.
1:45 Anders and I have a late (for us) lunch and play a bit.
2:30 We all ride down to Pickle Barrel for ice cream. Delicious, and you get huge scoops for just a buck.

Anders eats ice cream

A little Moose Moss from daddy…
Anders eats more ice cream

…a little peanut butter chocolate from mommy.
Anders sees the trash can

Soon bored with the ice cream, Anders heads for the trash can. He’s been eying it since arriving at Pickle Barrel and has just been handed some trash. Excitement and tension are in the air.
Anders throws something away

Delighted to find that the opening to the trash can is within reach, Anders reaches and deposits the soiled napkin.
Anders heads back from the trash can

Satisfied with a job well done, Anders heads back to the table to retrieve more trash. No one, I mean no one, loves throwing things aways as much as Anders. Is he a conservationist, concerned with a littered planet…or a result of a consumer-driven, throw-away culture? You decide.

3:15 We hit a couple shops looking for shoes for Anders. No luck. At the Mercantile shoes start at $30. Since they will only fit for a month or two we took a pass. At the used baby store, none fit. Anders feet are shaped liked sausages; it is so hard to find shoes that fit those things.
3:30 We ride back home. Anders and I play at the water table in the yard. Actually, I mostly talk to my mom on the phone and occasionally squirt Anders with the hose. He likes it.
4:30 I start to make dinner. The house is hot. Anders is cranky and bugging me. He won’t let go of my legs or stop whining.
5:00 Henry senses a meltdown (from me) and comes upstairs to take sweet Anders away.
5:30 Dinner
6:00-7:00 We trade off playing with Anders until bathtime.
7:00 Bath, teethbrushing, hair combing, moisturizing, diapering and for Anders. Then a little milk and sleepy time. Henry and I breathe a sigh of relief after making it through another day.
8:00 Henry heads out for beer and a movie with a friend and I relax on the bed and watch a chick flick on my laptop.
12:00 Henry gets home.
3:00am I finally fall asleep.
Oh, it is an exciting life.

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