More Arctic wildlife -

More Arctic wildlife

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It’s another late night, but I want to post some photos, so here I am. Today I got to take a day trip on the Tundra Buggy. The real polar bear season hasn’t started, yet. It’s still fall and snow may be another week or two away. There aren’t a lot of bears here, yet, but the autumn colors are amazing. It’s so funny to see a snowshoe hare or a ptarmigan “hiding” in the willows. They are so bright white that you can spot them right away.

An inuksuk out on the tundra. This particular one probably directed caribou hunters to a good place to wait for animals.

Pretty tundra. It seems to be more than 50% ponds and lakes around here.

A willow holds on to the last of its leaves.


A grave. No one knows how old it is, but First Nation people would bury their dead in higher areas and mark them with boulders.

An arctic fox that hasn’t quite finished turning white.

Marking its territory.

A bear walking through sea purslane (the yellow plant).

This bear has been rolling around on the ground, getting itself all dirty.

Here I am out on the buggy.

Sara is showing a polar bear skull (replica) while some teens pass a hide sample.

This arctic hare thinks it’s camouflaged.

Fuzzy bunny.

More ptarmigans.

Yet, another bear.

Because of the full moon, the tide has been going way out. And I like this blue rock.

These poor bears are sitting out there in the crappy rain and wind waiting for the ice to freeze up so they can go out on the bay and eat some seals. We need to cool this planet down for them to get their ice (or at least stop warming it up).

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