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MOR Explore Yellowstone!

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There’s a new children’s exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies. We took a trip over the hill to check out Explore Yellowstone. Big H and Mogie met us there; unfortunately Mogie was having a bit of back pain and had to wait in the truck, but we had a great time with Big H. Mogie did join us for lunch and was regaled with tales by the boys.

The new exhibit is a mini replica of Yellowstone complete with Old Faithful, Mammoth Terraces and the Fishing Bridge. There is a campsite where the boys played in a tent and wore backpacks. They loved fishing from the bridge (and throwing the cutthroat tout back while disposing of the invasive lake trout.)

Finn explores the bald eagle nest.


The boys showed Big H around.

Looking out the lookout.

Anders tries to match the egg with the bird that laid it.

Big H tries out the binoculars.

Finn glasses the area.

Steamboat geyser gushes.

Old Faithful explodes and is surrounded by photographers, just like in the real Yellowstone.

Anders finds there is some work to be done.

The Terraces look kind of small up close.

Bison bison made out of recycled materials.

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