Mom in Montana -

Mom in Montana

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Last week my mom paid us a visit. Between her arriving on Monday, Henry leaving (for three weeks!) on Wednesday, a big deadline at work and all the fun we had–I barely took any pictures.

Mostly, her visit was about playing. She and Anders were non-stop. Block puzzle, books, coloring, trains and pirate ships filled most of their time together. Finn played, too, but that boy sure likes to stick close to his mommy.

We went swimming at Chico (no visit is complete without a Chico trip) and had a couple mother/daughter lunches. Big H came over and took us all out to dinner. (Poor Mogie was sick with a stomach virus that she got from Big H who got it from me, who got it from Finn, who got it from Anders…Henry was the only one left standing, good thing he got out of town while he still could.)

We walked the dogs at Mayor’s Landing and, in Emigrant Gulch, she got to witness something I’m not very proud of: the Montana Dog Walk. That’s when you drive your truck up a dirt road with the dogs running in front (or back, or side) of the truck. I’d rather with the pups, I really would, but you try managing two under three and two canines while providing enough exercise to take the edge of the dogs’ unlimited energy supply. Really, try it–the dogs could use another walk.

We had a great visit and feel so lucky mom could come out to lovely Livingston.

Grandma is rolling up her sleeves and getting ready to play.

These two are all smiles because they love trains and puzzles…and each other.

Grandma got to play with this block puzzle a lot. She seldom got to choose which animal to piece together.

In addition to all the reasons above for not taking photos, my mom really wanted pics on her camera. As soon as she emails me some, I’ll post them.

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