Mogie has a birthday -

Mogie has a birthday

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Last Saturday Mogie turned 39. Happy, happy birthday, Mogie. I couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law and I am so glad she and Big H could come over Friday night for a little birthday party.

We had a delicious carrot soup that I haven’t made before, but will again. H cooked big slabs of red meat for the half of the group that goes in for that sort of thing and we had a little cake.

Mogie had mentioned that she likes gingerbread cake, so even though I didn’t know there was such a thing, I decided to make it. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t turn out shaped like a person.

Gingerbread cake for Mogie.

Of course, there was singing (any excuse for Anders to sing the happy birthday song–it’s his favorite tune) and gift opening. Plus, the boy got to play with Mogie and Big H, so they were pretty excited.

Mogie smiles for the camera while Anders keeps his eyes on the prize.

Opening presents.

It’s always Finn’s party.

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Mogie! We are so glad we got to celebrate with you.

We had the birthday party Friday night since H and the boys spent the weekend in Ennis while I painted the bathroom. More details on that fun project to come.

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