Field Trip Friday: Mind wandering walks -

Field Trip Friday: Mind wandering walks

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We’ve had to change our field trip day last spring. “Field Trip Friday” sounds better than “Field Trip Wednesday or Thursday or whatever day works.” So I’m keeping the name. Now, I am taking my own mini-field trips on Fridays.

One of my goals for this year is to let my mind wander around a bit. For me, this requires walking or cross-country skiing. I’ve had a few great solo hikes this year, but hadn’t figured out anyway to make it a consistent thing.

In May I started working in the Polar Bears International office on Fridays. This month I realized I could take a change of shoes and sneak a walk into my day. It isn’t all day in the woods, but it is an hour or so on a trail edging Bozeman.

View of Bridger Canyon from Drinking Horse Mountain Trail

View from the “M” Trail

Cherry Creek Trail

A little alone time on my feet is amazing. I think you should try it.

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