Me and Kid -

Me and Kid

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I’ve mentioned in a couple posts that I am taking a horseback riding class. Beginning western equitation, to be precise. I found out about the class while working on a story about MSU’s equine science program. Turns out, MSU has a herd of more than 30 horses and offers beginning and intermediate western and English equitation as well as colt breaking and how to be an instructor (I forget what that one is called).

Since I get a tuition waiver as an MSU employee I thought I’d take a class. It’s nice to do something brand new and totally out of my comfort zone once in awhile. I am the only person in the class who has never been on a horse and am at least 15 years older than everyone else.

(H took all the photos including the ones on Flickr (see below))

Riding around the arena.

Putting on the halter.

My buddy, Kid.

I get to ride Kid for the first half of the semester and then we switch it up.

You can see more pictures of me and Kid on my new Flickr photostream.

2 thoughts on “Me and Kid”

  1. HI.Great work on the riding.
    I especially like the photo in which KID is checking your Lead Rope Knot expertise.
    If they don’t show you a really good “Quick-Disconnect Knot’ remind me to teach it too you. I just learned it last year when I got Molly and Lurch.
    Keep up the good work and have fun!!!
    Big H.
    (I tried responding to the Fliker thing, but couldn’t get it to accept me.

    Lots of love. HHH

  2. You look like a pro. How fun! Glad you are enjoying the experience. Personally, I failed the “do not let the horse ever know you are afraid” test. Do you think it was my shaking?

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