Make our baby sleep -

Make our baby sleep

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We need some advice on getting Finn to sleep through the night. Or at least part of the night. A few hours in a row would make me very happy.

We’ve tried:
|-|Nursing him to sleep

|-|Bottling him to sleep

|-|Letting him cry (he is extremely persistent and will cry for hours…that persistence will serve him well later in life, but right now it just makes him (and H and I) tired.)

|-|Letting him cry and going in every 10 minutes to reassure him

|-|Crying (me, not him)


|-|Giving him a pacifier

|-|Letting him sleep in our bed

|-|Making him sleep in his own bed

He seems to go to sleep pretty easily around 7 or 7:30, but then wakes up when I come to bed. He’d probably do better in his own room, but that’s not an option.

A gentleman at the local convenience store said, “I don’t know if it is right or not, but I gave my babies whiskey in their bottles.” So, there is that idea, but I prefer to steer clear of drugging or boozing up the baby for now.

Leave your suggestions in the comment section. If your suggestion gets our baby to sleep you will get a big prize!!!

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  1. ummm… I have no real first hand knowledge yet, but please pass on the right answer! have you tried letting him cry while you wear ear plugs? maybe you just need to let him cry a bit longer a few times and the ear plugs will help you pass the time?
    is that borderline abuse? not sure…

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