Lovely house for sale in Livingston, Montana -

Lovely house for sale in Livingston, Montana

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As you may know, we have big plans to move into a 5th wheel trailer and travel the country.

Lest you think I was just talking smack, here’s the proof. Last week we put our house on the market. Yup, Hacienda Harrison is for sale.

We’ve been selling it from the inside out for a couple months; listing things we aren’t going to keep on Craigslist. We said goodbye to bookcases, our futon (no more guests…), kitchenware, chairs and more. I am constantly surprised at how much we simple-living folks own. Jeez. And it’s not all kid stuff, some of it is Henry’s. hee hee. And mine. Even the dogs have junk they don’t need.

Selling our stuff is one thing, but the house is another level all together. Neither of us are particularly sentimental about this place, but thinking about saying adios to it is a little sad.

I bought this house five and a half years ago. It was just Rigby and I and several of the rooms remained empty. The basement seemed cavernous. Then Diesel moved in, then Henry and soon after, the boys.

Both boys were born in our bedroom (don’t worry, it’s been cleaned up. As a sidenote, I thought giving birth in the house would be much messier than it actually was. Of course, our midwife and Henry did all the post-birth cleaning while I laid around with my legs crossed swearing nothing was coming out of me ever again.)

We have two great real estate agents (they come as a pair) but I think the more we spread the word the better. So, tell your friends and family, your enemies and nemesi (we’ll charge them more). “Like” our Facebook page. Know that once this horrible, muddy season is over the lawn and perennials look great.

This is a perfect house for a family, single person with a dog (I built the fence just for sweet Rigby) or a second home. I know a lot of folks who flyfish here every summer end up getting a place since it is cheaper than renting year after year.

Here are a few details for you:
Single Family Under 1Acre

Year Built 1924

Sq. Ft. 2142

Bedrooms 3

Baths 2

Level Single Floor with Basement

Sunny, bright home with hardwood floors, big kitchen with lots of cupboard space, nice garden and fenced yard, walking distance to downtown, the park and the Yellowstone River. Lots of storage and two rooms in the finished basement that could easily become bedrooms or offices or ???

We’ve redone one of the bathrooms, updated the electrical, insulated the attic, installed a whole house fan plus two ceiling fans, added French doors and updated the decor.


You’d look good in this house.

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  1. Yay! Another step in the right direction!

    We have the final meeting for negotiations over our land lease on Thursday. Owner has approved our offer, County has approved our environmental septic system, now the Forest Service has to approve our lease!

    I’ll cross my fingers for your house selling if you cross yours for our lease being approved :)

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