Lava Creek Trail in Yellowstone -

Lava Creek Trail in Yellowstone

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Last Saturday we drove to Yellowstone to hike Bunsen Peak (named after the man who invented the Bunsen burner used in every high school science class–or at least it used to be). Heading into the park we noticed Bunsen Peak looked very white. Too much snow to hike.

No problem, we decided to hike to Wraith Falls. We drive to the trailhead to find out the trail is closed.

No problem, but it was time to get the boys out of the car, so we drove to the closest picnic area/trailhead and decided to hike from there.

Lucky for us there was a nice little trail leaving from across the street from the picnic area and passing by the lovely Undine Falls.

Hiking with Anders means stopping at every pile of scat (we saw bison and elk) and hole in the ground (ground squirrel homes). Henry and I both appreciated taking the time to smell the elk pellets, normally we hike along at a good clip and miss much of the stuff we are out there to see.

Anders enjoys a pre-hike snack.

Anders is so cute!

Chasing butterflies.

Finn dancing on the table (too much tequila).

Off trail exploration.

Boys on the trail.

Waterfall watching.

Undine Falls

Me and my boys.

Hat brim kisses.

Pasque flower.

Playing air guitar with a sandwich.

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