Labor Day, Rainy Day -

Labor Day, Rainy Day

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Labor Day this year was a rainy one (you may have guessed that from the title of this post). Rainy days scare me a little because that means being in the house all day with Anders.

Anders has a lot of energy. I blame it on too many vegetables in the first 15 months. Since then he has been spitting them out, so we hope that tones him down a little.

We spend most of the day outside whenever we can. Then Anders can run, pick up rocks, point at ducks and generally feel free to do whatever he wants without hearing any “no”s.

On this rainy Labor Day I figured I better get creative.

First we pulled out the tent and tunnel play thingy that Bih H picked up at a garage sale.

Brrr….44 degrees on September 1st.

Crawling fun for everyone.

Playing pirate in the tent.

After that we made some play dough.

Mixing flour and salt to make play dough.

Patting play dough.

Using the spoon and cookie cutter were the most fun.

Finn chills out while Anders and I play.

We’re lucky our neighbor hangs her bird feeder right outside our kitchen window. When Henry took a break from work we did a little birdwatching.

Watching the sparrows and magpies.

Birdwatching with dad. Notice the super cute Rigby-puppy photo on the fridge.

After lunch and a nap (for Anders) we went over to Bozeman for the grand opening of the Bozeman Birth Center. Our midwife, Stacey, and another midwife opened this beautiful birth center. I want to go there some day without kids, sit in the whirlpool in front of the fireplace and read.

Bozeman Birth Center

Bozeman Birth Center

Our lovely midwife Stacey with Henry and Anders.

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