Kings HIll Cabin & Silver Crest Ski Trails {part two} -
Cross country skiing at Silver Crest Nordic Trails

Kings HIll Cabin & Silver Crest Ski Trails {part two}

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You can check out the photos from our first day at the Kings Hill Cabin. 

Now, where did I leave off on our Kings Hill Cabin adventure?

The next morning we slept in until 7 am, which is super late for us. It was light outside when we got out of bed. Thanks, Anders!

The boys and I started the morning off playing in the snow outside the Kings Hill Cabin while H did dishes and stoked the fire. Thanks, H! The cabin had finally started to warm up.

Playing in the snow outside a Forest Service cabin.
“Does this snowsuit make my butt look big?”
Finn sits in his puffy snowsuit and plays in the snow.
Finn sits in his puffy snowsuit and plays in the snow.
Falling in the snow in a Columbia snowsuit in the Castle Mountains.
“Mom, can you help me get up?” said Anders, clearly in distress. “Sure, sweetie,” said his loving mom. “Just let me snap a quick photo first.”
Snow play in front of the cabin.

Then we headed down the road a couple miles from the Kings Hill Cabin to the Silver Crest Ski Trails. It had snowed for several days prior to our arrival (the woman at the Forest Service office said they got three feet) and then the storm moved on and we enjoyed bluebird sky perfect days.

The only downside to all that snow is that it made pulling the Chariot a lot of work. The ski trails are only groomed once a week (on Saturdays) so we had 5 days of snow to plow through. No problem.

The Kings Hill Cabin in on Kings Hill Pass.
Finn has a little snack before we go skiing.

Insider Tip: There are a lot of Nordic Ski trails in Montana

Cross- country skiing at the Silvercrest Ski Trails near Neihart.
Off like lightning!
Nordic skiing at Silver Crest Ski Area.
We stopped at an overlook. All we could see were trees. So much for wide open spaces…pretty, though.
Lichen hanging off a branch.
Drippy lichen.
Snow covered tree on the cross-country ski trails.
On the trail, again.
Shelter on the ski trail.
Shelter on the ski trail.
Lunch break.
Lunch break.

After our ski we drove back to White Sulphur Springs for another swim in the hot springs pool and some dinner. We brought food to eat in the cabin, but by the time we were done swimming it was too late to go back and cook. Dinner was followed by playing in the cabin and another super easy bedtime.

Being goofy in a Forest Service cabin.
Anders asked me to take his picture. Then he gave me this face.
Finn had to get in on the portrait action, too.
Finn had to get in on the portrait action, too.
Anders works on the lacing cards before bed.
Anders works on the lacing cards before bed.
Wood burning stove in the Forest Service cabin.
Coming in from the cold.
Finn with too many pacifiers.
We’ve been talking about weaning Finn off the paci, but he finds it so soothing that it is hard to take it away from him. However, now that he is going two at a time, we might have to put our foot down.
Malamute sleeping in a bunk bed.
Rigby and Diesel had special cabin privileges.
Cute dog on my sleeping bag.
I made H come in and take this picture of us after we’d been in bed for awhile because even though it was dark, I knew the light of the flash would show Rigby’s cuteness.

The next morning we went for a short ski, played in the snow, cleaned the cabin and restocked the woodpile. On the way home we stopped for our third swim in the hot springs pool (Anders’ request).

Baby icicles on the Kings Hill Cabin.
Baby icicles on the Kings Hill Cabin.
Carrying firewood to the cabin.
Everyone pitches in. Except Finn who was sleeping in the Chariot.
A Malamute and a black labrador walk in the snow.
Dogs panting away climbing a steep hill on a sunny day.
Showdown Montana ski trails and a Malamute.
Rigby checks out Showdown, just across the canyon.
Big, flat snow crystals on my ski up Deadman
Big, flat snow crystals on my ski up Deadman’s Trail.
Anders and I made a porcupine.
Making snow animals.
The artist.

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  1. So Julie and I are wondering: if you take the amount you love Rigby and divide it by the amount you love Henry, is it a double-digit number, or only a high single-digit number? We’re just wondering.

    We think H would look cute too if you took a flash picture of him in the dark. But that would require pointing the camera away from Rigby, which might be hard.

  2. I have enough love in my heart for Rigby, Henry and a whole bunch of other people.
    H would look awesome if I flashed him (with my camera), but that would have required me getting out of my warm sleeping bag and that was not going to happen.

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