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{In my kitchen} Growing veggie scraps

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Since it is minus 15F this morning, I think we should talk about indoor things. We are cozy inside our house, enjoying the winter wonderland through the window and dreaming of the summer growing season.

I couldn’t wait until June to start planting (I know, the short gardening season is ridiculous), so I took a few of the veggie scraps I would normally give the chickens and started regrowing them.

So far, I’ve planted a celery butt, two carrot stumps, and a spider plant baby. I start them in water on the kitchen windowsill. Once the roots start growing, I move them into organic soil and whatever container I can find.

Carrot tops!

I’m still waiting for the celery and carrot tops to grow enough to eat, but it’s pretty nice having a tiny garden to play with. Next up: growing basil from cuttings.

Spider plant!

17 Apart has a bunch of tutorials on regrowing vegetable from scraps. And their photos are much nicer than mine.

What’s happening in your kitchen this winter?

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