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I can relate to that moose

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Have you ever read the book If you Give a Moose a Muffin? Or If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Here’s my version.

I start to get dressed and realize there are no bras in my drawer.
I throw on a t-shirt and run downstairs to the laundry.
I empty the dryer and start a load in the washer.
On the way upstairs, I see the playroom floor is covered in dog hair.
I put the laundry down and vacuum the playroom.
On the way through the kitchen I stop to take jars out of the canner.
But first I need to clean the counters off and wash dishes.
Then I take out the jars, fill them with tomatoes and return them to the canning pot.
Now it’s time to get on a conference call for work.
The boys get in a little fight.
I end the fight and cheer everyone up.
Rushing to get on the phone, I just make the conference call.
Part way through the call, the timer goes off on the canning project.
I mute the phone and take the tomatoes out of the canner with my cellphone between my ear and shoulder.
I remember that I need to get new ear buds with a working microphone.
The call ends, I make lunch.
The UPS guy knocks on the door.
I answer, and remember that I never got a bra.

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