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Since it has become clear that we won’t be hitting the road this year we are planning on taking our house off the market for the winter. It’s hard when you decide to do something and you are really psyched about it, and then are forced to wait and wait and wait.

Fortunately, we love Livingston and we love fall and winter. And now I have the urge to stock up for the long, cold months ahead. Snow and wind and below zero temps are fine, but what I don’t like is the total lack of decent produce that goes along with it.

I sold a lot of my canning jars on Craigslist (remember, we were supposed to be living in a 5th wheel) but I cobbled together enough to make some jam.

My main fruit supplier, Big H, brought me a big box of Utah peaches. They are super delicious and way better than what the stores carry around here. I froze some, canned jam and made muffins and smoothies.

Naked peaches and a pile of discarded skin.

Mmmmmm peach jam.

Then I noticed an impromptu fruit stand across the street and indulged in a flat of blueberries. I made a little jam, but mostly froze them. We’ll use them in cereal and smoothies all year. I should have bought another flat. Maybe they’ll come back.

Pesticide-free Oregon blueberries.

Blueberry jam because you can’t eat peach jam every day.

I ordered a lot of heirloom tomatoes from our local online farmer’s market, Field Days Farm for making marinara sauce. This I’ll freeze rather than can because I don’t like vinegar or sugar in it.

I think that will be it for this year, unless I can find more fruit to freeze. I want to stay nimble, just in case we get a surprise offer on the house.

Peach smoothie for breakfast.

Are you doing anything to get ready for winter?

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  1. Is there anything you can’t do? That looks delicious! I’m looking forward to fall, but thanks for the reminder to look ahead to winter too. I’ll start collecting up soup and bread making recipes. I’m also looking forward to hitting the winter beach (without tourists).

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