How to throw a birthday party for a dog -

How to throw a birthday party for a dog

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Yesterday was Diesel’s birthday. He turned eight.

Anders and I made him this cake. Yes, there is a whole website for exchanging dog treat recipes. Probably more than one.

We all gathered for a party in the yard and made Diesel stand next to his cake without eating it. Aren’t we a fun party crew?

Mmmm… pink cottage cheese frosting.

So delicious.

All the canine invitees enjoyed a slice.

I was hoping to capture his stained pink dog-lips, but all I got was this adorable photo.

Happy birthday, Diesel Rudyard Harrison!

Tangential sidenote: When Diesel and I started living together, I realized he didn’t have a middle name *gasp* so I insisted on suggested “Rudyard.” It’s both fancy and the name of a Montana town.

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