Homestake Lodge women's weekend -

Homestake Lodge women’s weekend

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What does the birthday gal have?

Oh yes, it’s fluffed marshmallow infused vodka. I was ready to hate it, but it’s surprisingly smooth…

This weekend was the first of three girlfriend weekends for me this winter. THREE!! I am jealous of myself.

Each year, my friend Shelly gathers about 20 of her friends to spend a couple nights at Homestake Lodge. It’s a Nordic center about 5 miles east of Butte, on the Continental Divide. The boys and I (and sometimes Henry) go every year, too, but I’ve never spent the night. (Here are photos from last year, and 2008. Apparently I didn’t take photos the other years.)

People arrived and departed throughout the weekend. There was skiing, eating and drinking. The food was amazing (and I was only responsible for part of one meal!), the drinks were interesting…and the skiing was so much fun. I opted to ski alone so I could enjoy my own pace and the gorgeousness of the surroundings.

It was the perfect Saturday: sleep in until 8:00, eat a super breakfast prepared by other people, ski, nap, work, ski, dinner, drinks and games.

I believe that ridge line is the Continental Divide.

Yes, please.

Lots o’ granite in these parts. I love it.

Keeping this yurt in mind for a family trip.

How scared would you be if you saw me coming down the trail? Or would you die laughing? Another reason I should ski alone.

Following tracks up the drainage.

Granite and aspens…I couldn’t ask for anything more.

When I got back from my afternoon ski tour, everyone was coalescing in the lodge. I only knew a few people, and only Shelly well, so it was so great getting to know all these really cool women. Everyone was interesting, welcoming and so much fun.

Claire chooses a puzzle over skis. It’s easy to do when you are hanging out in the beautiful and comfy lodge.

The whole crew (minus me) at dinner.

Vodka (and wine) infused game playing.

Stacie burns the score card so Team 3 (my team) doesn’t feel bad.

I got home with 1.5 hours to spare before throwing Anders’ birthday party. Luckily, I had gotten most of it ready before I left, and Henry handled the rest of it. The scramble was worth the trip. Looking forward to next year.

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