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Hitting the road

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When I was 19, I worked at the Conejo Valley Outdoor School teaching botany to all the sixth graders in the Conejo Valley Unified School District. Every week a different school would come to the camp near the beach and learn about ecology, taking care of the planet and cooperation. It was one of my all time favorite jobs.

The director of Outdoor School was a man named Acorn. (We all had camp names. Mine was Calypso–for the flower, not the sea hag.) Acorn was super cool and inspirational and probably still is–we’re Facebook friends now.

One time he told me that if you want something to happen you should tell everyone about it, because you never know where support or resources will come from.

Those of you who see me regularly won’t be surprised by this announcement, but some of you far-flung readers will.

Next summer we are moving into an RV and hitting the road. We are putting our house up for sale this spring to help finance the venture and plan to travel for at least a year. If we love it, maybe longer.

I know you have questions.

I thought you loved Livingston. We do. And we plan to consider this a home base and eventually end up back here. They don’t call it paradise for nothing. But, there are so many other amazing places out there and we want to see some of them.

How will you pay for this crazy lifestyle? It all hinges on selling the house to afford the rig. Then H and I will continue to freelance and work on the projects we currently have. Being a writer and filmmaker means we can work from just about anywhere there is an Internet connection. Or we can go to where the work is.

What about school for the kids? They will be 3 and 4 years old, so school isn’t really an issue, but we can homeschool (roadschool?) as they get older. It will really just be a continuation of what we already do.

Won’t you miss your friends? Yes. But, there is community on the road. We read lots of blogs of families living the RV life. I hope we will be able to meet up with some of them. And there is the Internet–we can keep in touch that way. Of course, we’ll likely be pulling up in front of your house looking for an electrical outlet. You’ll be happy to host us, won’t you?

We have a lot of questions, too, but after thinking about this for a few years, it is time to make a move. You can post your questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

In the spirit of Acorn, if you have an RV sitting around (in great condition) that you’d like to give us…we are open to accepting gifts. Or well wishes. Or advice. Or brownies.

14 thoughts on “Hitting the road”

  1. I don’t have an RV, but you know we have more electrical outlets going in each day. If you make it East, you’ll always have welcoming arms and a hot shower. I’ll even supply brownies. I’m excited for your next adventure and admire you guys for running with it instead of just pipe dreaming.

  2. You guys are so courageous. We all wish we could do what you’re doing! The boys will learn so much on the road and traveling. Can’t wait to read about your travels (and for you to get your butt back to Livingston 🙂 xo

  3. This is a wonderful announcement, and a great adventure. I think you will have plenty of companions along the road, so many homeschoolers are doing this! You are welcome to hook up in VT if you make it this far! No turning back now….

  4. Wow, Mel, that’s awesome! And, how come I didn’t know about this “other” blog of yours? lol

    My parents took a year and traveled around the country, back in 1988. They kind of went around the perimeter – it is definitely something I want to do, someday.

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes and invites…we are sure to take some of you up on it! We don’t know our itinerary, yet. I’m sure a lot of it will be made up as we go.

    @Roy- This blog started out as way to keep grandparents saturated with photos of their grandsons, so I never made a big deal about it. It’s grown since then and will likely be our RV traveling blog.

  6. Mel, Congratulations!! What an exciting year ahead. Two things we’re really happy about with our home/rig that you might want to consider in your plans, to keep the lifestyle inexpensive (and it IS far less expensive than living in a home):

    – it’s diesel (*much* better mpg than gas)
    – install solar panels! this frees us up from campgrounds or generators. All that beautiful, free/cheap BLM and public lands camping is available to you if you have solar energy.

    Your advent posting on your other blog makes me miss Montana and this winter’s cross-country skiing. A little!

    And roadschooling is so easy. There’s something new to catch their passion and curiosity every day so it drives itself.

    Good wishes getting it all going!

  7. Well Mel, as I sit here in your dining room I thought I’d do a bit of snooping… on your blog.

    This is an exciting plan. We totally get it and I understand why they call this paradise. Damien and I are in love with Montana.

    If you are willing to travel to the east we’d love to provide electricity for you.

    So loving showing up at your house and having a place to stay on our own travels. We feel very blessed.

  8. oops, I see I double commented here. Didn’t realize I commented way back in the fall.

    I mean everything I said though… both times.

    Good luck with your plans. You’re welcome in the east if you make it that far.

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