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Hiking and backpacking getaway

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Looking down at the Yellowstone River from Hellroaring Trail.

It’s become a tradition for Heather and I to take a summer trip to Yellowstone. Last year it was backpacking in the Bechler region, the year before we rented a cabin at Roosevelt. This year we did a little of both–cabin renting and backpacking.

There are a whole bunch of pictures from this trip posted over at Flickr. Don’t look at them if you don’t like moose, rivers, high lakes, granite, or wildflowers. Seriously, don’t look.

Heather and I always have a great time together. We catch up, cover a lot of miles, and visit beautiful places. It’s a much appreciated vacation with a dear friend.

We spent two nights at the Roosevelt cabins (best deal in the park) and two nights backpacking in the Beartooth Range. We hiked to a beautiful creek, climbed a ridge to find petrified trees, ate a trout breakfast at the Log Cabin Cafe, and spent two and a half days wandering around the high lakes area in the Beartooths.

Hike on over to Flickr to see all the fun.

Heather at Hellroaring Creek.

Moose and fireweed.

Big bison

Heather is amazed by the petrified tree.

We started our hike at Island Lake.

Our campsite at Becker Lake.

Becker Lake

Lonesome Peak above one of the many lakes we hiked to.

Paintbrush at Lonesome Lake

At the end of the hike. And strangely orange.

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4 thoughts on “Hiking and backpacking getaway”

  1. Had to look at the Flickr photos, of course. What amazing ground you covered! Good for you for making time to get out into wild places alone with a friend every year…A nice fix for whatever ails you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks, ladies! I love my annual hiking/backpacking trip with Heather. I just wish I could squeeze in more gal-only trips ๐Ÿ™‚

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