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Happy Birthday Finn!

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Guess who’s 1 today…it’s not-a-baby-anymore Finn!

Little baby, big bed

Little baby, big bed
Finn and Diesel

Finn meets Diesel
Finn and Rigby

Finn meets Rigby
Anders touches Finn's nose

It has a nose.

Finn Coble Harrison arrived one year ago today. He was born at home at 2:29pm (in plenty of time to pick up Anders from daycare).

Puppy butt

The boys’soles.

My mom and Finn cuddle it up.

In the last year he has learned to hold his head up, roll over, sit up, spit up, crawl, walk (sort of), feed himself, grab toys from his brother and charm the pants off just about anyone. Not bad for 12 short months.

Checking out the twigs and rocks.

Brother kisses.

Finn gets a prize, too.

When Finn attacks: protect your shoes!

Finn loves smiling, giggling, being outside, being held, zerburts, going upside down, eating and life in general. He prefers not to be the slightest bit hungry or tired. And he really hates the vacuum. Seriously, don’t even think of turning on the vacuum; he will freak out.

Watching Old Faithful. Might as well.

Uncle Scott and Finn at our campsite at Homestake Lodge.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for him over the next year!

One of the top two cutest rodeo spectators.

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