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Happy anniversary to me

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Today is my 4-year blogaversary. Is that a word? I doubt it, but if there is one thing I have learned from four years of blogging is that I can write whatever I want. I am my own editor. Scary, no?

I think I deserve a cupcake ;)

For those of you who have been reading for four years (thanks, mom!) know how much I appreciate you coming by. The same goes for those of you who have been reading for four minutes. The best part of blogging comes when I get to connect with people, make new friends and learn new stuff.

So go ahead and leave a comment so we can connect!

10 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to me”

  1. Suz @ Slow Family (www.slowfamilyonline.com) got trapped by the Capcha Code. She wrote:

    “Happy Blogaversary, Mel!! You definitely deserve a cupcake, and much more. Thank you for 4 years (!!) of wonderful and inspiring posts about nature, family, food, play, childhood and the beauty and wonder of the outdoors. Cheers to many more happy years!”

  2. Dear Mel, I found your blog when the 9th street bridge washed out. I moved back from Livingston to Wichita to help my dad in 2/08. A daily check in with your log keeps the dream of returning alive. Thanks for loving the life–and the kids are just extra fun. A big Thank You. ann

  3. This is me singing you happy blogaversary to you. Wish I could be enjoying that cupcake with you, too! Seriously … yours was the very first blog I ever subscribed to, or even read. Glad you’re still here. :-)

  4. @Abbie- thanks for the inspiration that YOU dole out daily! I don’t know how you do so much…

    @Suz- You too, are an inspiration to take the time to enjoy life!

    @Ann — So glad to meet you…thanks for commenting! I hope you do make it back to Livingston; it had to be one of the best places in the world.

    @Debi- I am so honored to be your first ;) One of the best things about blogging is making friends and then getting to meet them IRL.

    @Minor Catastrophes– thanks to you for showing me what a future with teenage boys looks like!

    @Michele– yes, less lurking, more commenting ;) So glad you are here, whether you comment or not.

    @Noelle- Thanks! And thanks for being one of my oldest (longest) friends and still listening to me babble on and on and on….

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