Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park and the Big Timber Park -

Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park and the Big Timber Park

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I was planning a Saturday field trip for the boys and I and thought I’d check out Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park. I’d seen the signs from the highway (little did I know I’d seen the whole park from the highway) and wanted to check it out. I invited my friend Madeleine and her two boys–Logan, 3.5 and William, 1–plus the little peanut in her belly. We also planned to go to the park in Big Timber either as a back up or addition.

H and I took the boys to the Big Timber park last spring. It’s worth looking at the pics if you are fans of Anders and Finn fan because they have changed so much.

Prairie dogs are an important food source for endangered black-footed ferrets. Blah, blah, blah you can look it up if you want to know more.

We mostly followed the “big” boys around and tried to keep the little ones from falling in the holes.

A little slice of prairie dog heaven adjacent to the highway. Those tunnels must be rocking and rolling.

Peering down the hole and checking for prairie dogs.

This kid needs a stylist. What is going on with his hair? (I say that like it doesn’t look like that everyday.)

In case you wanted to know.

Throwing rocks and dirt into the home of an innocent prairie dog family.

Prairie dogs trying to pull William into their underground lair.

Logan and Anders ran all over the place, crouching by each hole and demanding we come look.

Next we went to the park in Big Timber because it is so fun. It was hard to convince the boys to leave even though they had to be tired. (Not that being tired ever slows them down.)

Welcome to the park.

William is super adorable.

After the pow wow.

I love their faces!

Finn loves swinging.

You can see all 56 pictures here. What can I do, my kids (and the prairie dogs) are so dang cute that I can’t cull the photos.

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  1. It’s nice to see some pics of you guys without all that snow gear! I love Prairie Dogs, and what could be more exciting for kids than holes in the ground! (So glad I am not the only Mom that doesn’t pay much attention to kid hair.) Cool park, too. (P.S. Nice butt shot!)

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