Goodbye to Diesel -

Goodbye to Diesel

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I went for a walk along the river today. The snow was falling, geese hunkered down in the icy water. Normally snow doesn’t stick around here. It blows away or evaporates not long after it falls. But, we’ve had several days of snow without wind and people were cross-country skiing on the sidewalks while kids rode sleds down the short hill above Yellowstone.

It’s the first time I’ve been on a walk by myself in a long time. No kids, no dogs, just me. Last week we had to put Diesel down. He was diagnosed with cancer in July and it got really bad in the last couple weeks. We miss him all the time, of course, but I really notice it when I’m doing things that he always did with me. It’s weird to take a walk by myself.

I took Diesel on this same walk a week ago. It was crazy windy, but neither of us cared. I threw the stick over and over. We haven’t let him do much fetching since his two knee surgeries, but he loves it more than anything else in the world (other than Henry).

Bye bye Diesel.

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