Glacier day 6-going home -

Glacier day 6–going home

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This really shouldn’t be titled “Glacier” since we left Whitefish and drove home this day–without going into the park at all. But, it is part of a series and so the name must remain constant. I’m a stickler like that.

I wish there was day 7, 8, 9….30 to report. I could have stayed a lot longer. We had a lot of fun exploring the Big Sky State on the way home, though.

We started the morning by going out to breakfast in Whitefish at the Green Tea House. H had spotted it a couple nights back as he tried to drive Finn to sleep and thought I might like it. I did.

Then some fun at the city park and we were on our way.

Henry suggested we go to “Green Tea”. It’s a vegan/glutan-free/modern hippie/all natural restaurant. Isn’t he sweet?

Fun on the phallic slide in Whitefish.

Henry is having a ball.

Our first stop was at Seeley Lake. We look for places where we can eat outside and the boys can get some energy out. This campground on the shores of Seeley Lake was perfect. Anders and Finn loved playing in the water. H and I wished we had gotten our swimsuits out. I could have spent a week here (or more) if it weren’t for the skeeters.

Running like a boy who has been strapped into a seat for a couple hours.

Splish splash, Finn and dad were having a blast.

We definitely want to spend more time at Seeley Lake.

We drove some more and when dinner time hit, we stopped at Fairmont Hot Springs. It fit our criteria–food and fun. H, Finn and I LOVED the four story waterslide and Anders tolerated it once. If we had a little more moola, we could have spent a couple days here.

More fun in the water.

Half boy, half fish.

Fortunately, we needed gas as we neared my all time favorite truck stop–the Flying J just west of Butte. I was a little disappointed to discover there were no “Our Ladies of the Rockies” postcards. (Jen, you know why.)

Rainbow over the Flying J.

We arrived home at 10pm with two sleeping boys. It couldn’t have worked out better if we had planned it.

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