Glacier day 4-St Mary's and Trail Through the Cedars -

Glacier day 4–St Mary’s and Trail Through the Cedars

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We left Many Glacier and decided to explore some other sections in the park. We were sad to leave Julie, Chris, Sylvan and Elena, but explorers must carry on.

We stopped for blueberry pancakes in the town of St Marys, which you’ll see evidence of on Anders’ shirt. Then we went for a short hike to St Marys Falls. It was a lovely walk down to the waterfall and a nice time once we got there. On the way back up the trail, Anders started screaming and telling H he was “a bad guy”. Finn and I hung back and pretended we didn’t know them.

After the hike, we continued up the Going-to-the-Sun Road. On the way down the west side we stopped at the Trail Through the Cedars for a walk.

Then off to the Super 8 in Whitefish for a couple nights.

A black bear spotted from the truck.

Standing in the flowers with my boys.

Looking at mountains.

Hiking toward St. Mary Falls…before the meltdown.

St Mary Falls

Family photo with a sleeping Finn. I probably should have turned him the other direction.

We don’t see a whole lot of ferns where we live.

Rocking the waterfall!

Climb every mountain.

Big rock, big river.

Watching the big river from the big rock.

Not the best family photo ever…

We were stopped a couple times on the Going-to-the-Sun Road for construction. Luckily, the view was ok.

Chuck and Bjorn are excited to see snow. Especially, Bjorn.

These guys were also excited about the remaining snow and were enjoying a little roadside ski trip.

Taking a walk on the paved and boardwalked Trail of the Cedars. It was like being in the Pacific Northwest–cedars, hemlocks, ferns and dripping water.

The boys both loved this walk.

Tree sprite.

Some sprites can barely fit in the trees these days.

Western striped tree finn.

Walking the fallen tree–way better than the trail.

And with a little help from dad.

Avalanche Creek through the gorge.

Chilling on the bridge.

Cooking dinner and digging in the dirt at the Super 8 in Whitefish.

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  1. Love these photos! I realized after our Yosemite trip that I need to include meltdown photos, too, just to be fair. Otherwise it makes it seem like the trip was perfect when in fact it seems like one or the other kid melted down at least once a day! :)

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