Glacier day 3-Red Rocks Falls -

Glacier day 3–Red Rocks Falls

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I’m feeling a little lazy and writers-blockish, so I’m just going to post some photos here.

We passed some campground deer on the way to the trailhead.

Heading out.

The perfect tree for sitting.

Anders in the paintbrush.

Hey you–I’m psyched to be out on the trail.

Hiking with boys.

The Polhemus-Jones clan (with Elena in the backpack) look stunning in front of the stunning mountains.

Yeah! I made it a quarter mile.

Chris crossing.

Looking across at the falls from the lunch spot.

Sleeping on the trail again.

Yum, lunch!

Dancing on the edge of the lake.

Anders and I went ahead to the falls. Here we are looking back on the rest of the crew eating lunch.

Red Rock Falls.

That’s why they’re called Red Rock Falls.

Anders was all about the climbing on this trip.

Dancing water.

When Anders was playing in the water I could see his mouth moving. I kept asking him what he was saying (thinking he was talking to me). Finally, I heard him. “I am just singing!” Earlier that day he had shown us his happy dance.

Finn likes climbing, too.

Finn offers H a hand.

Julie and Elena enjoy the falls.

Julie carried everyone around on her shoulders. I was hoping for a ride…

H and Anders consult with Finn about the awesomeness of the waterfall.

The view from the truck as I drove the boys around to try to make them sleep. It worked for Anders.

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