Gingerbread house -

Gingerbread house

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One of our Advent Adventures was to make a gingerbread house (they aren’t always this involved, sometimes we pick something we are already doing–Holiday Stroll–another time we went to the park after dinner and counted stars. Sometimes we read a holiday book or sing a song).

We invited our friends Katie and Julia, and their mom, Jessica, over to make the house with us.

When my brother and I were younger my mom and her friend made an incredible gingerbread house. Maybe there were two houses, I don’t remember. But what I do remember (which may or may not be true) is that they spent all day baking the gingerbread and then built elaborate houses.

That’s not what happened here. I bought a kit, quickly glued the pieces together with the provided frosting and let the kids decorate. After lunch we let them go nuts and eat it. I imagined them tearing it apart and gingerbread flying around the room.

That’s not what happened here. They ate a little candy and then asked to be excused. It was not delicious in my opinion, so I’m not surprised they didn’t love it. Fun to make, though.

Decorating the gingerbread dog house.

Katie loves decorating!

Jess and the kids.

Little sister Julia watches the fun.

Sitting patiently while I take a picture of the finished house.

Digging in!

When your kids don’t eat much sugar and then you suddenly let them have it, well…

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