Giddyup, Mule! -

Giddyup, Mule!

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Last weekend we went over to Ennis to celebrate Mogie’s birthday. Then, Big H and I left to do some riding. Mogie got one-on-two time with the kids; Henry took a nap; Big H got to load, pull and unload the trailer; and I got to ride. Everyone was happy.

We rode up Ruby Creek. It’s approximately 35 miles south of Ennis on the east face of the Gravelly Range. And it is lovely. Big H brought Sam, the horse; Pearl, the mule I rode; and Gunther, the mule who carried our lunch. He even packed us a delicious lunch of Greek salads and Sport Tea. Yum.

Unloading Pearl.



Self portrait

An old homestead we rode past.

View from my saddle.

Big H with Sam and Gunther.

Looking out across the Madison Valley at the Madison Range.

Ruby Creek

Eating my lunch. If we weren’t wanting to get back for Mogie’s birthday party, Both Big H and I would have taken naps here. So relaxing.

Big H and Jennifer.

Coming out from the lunch spot.

Not a bad view the whole day.

The big rock on the right is the Sphinx (in the Madison Range). Yeah, I’ve walked up there….long, long ago in a galaxy before kids.

Madison Valley.

Upon our return, we led the Sam and Pearl around with the boys on their backs, played and then had a great dinner prepared by Henry in honor of his mom.

And of course there was cake.

Lighting the candles on the cake he baked.

Happy birthday, Mogie!

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