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Floating the Yellowstone

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We’ve been wanting to take the boys out on the river for awhile now, but H hasn’t felt like our canoe was river-worthy enough for the precious cargo. With Jen and family in town, the time seemed right to borrow Big H’s drift boat.

Big H brought the boat over last week and he, H and the boys took it for a trial voyage. Everyone made it home, so we figured we were ready to take guests.

We put the canoe on the top of the truck and towed the drift boat, loaded up with food, life jackets and sunscreen, and headed to the river. We put in at Mallard’s Rest and took out at Pine Creek. If you live around here, you know that isn’t very far. Since the kids were less into floating than playing on the islands, that worked out well.

We floated a little and stopped at an island for awhile. Then floated ten more minutes and stopped at another island. The kids loved throwing rocks, getting wet and playing in the sun.

Anders in his sunnies. He kept them on for about 5 minutes.

Reading the river in preparation for the big float.

We put Jen and James in the canoe for a little alone time. Very little.

H was in charge of rowing the kid boat. I managed the kids (that means hanging them over the edge of the boat.)

Cait (in back) and Sophia took turns in the other free seat. They both tried to persuade Finn to sit on their lap, but he wasn’t having it.

Cait dips her toes in the Yellowstone.

The view is pretty nice if you like rivers and mountains.

Jen and James had to keep waiting for us since the canoe is so much faster than the drift boat.

Parade wave. Jen is hoping to be Miss Stockton and ride on a float.

Eating tortellini on the island.


We are pretty interested in something.

The boys love the river. And lunch.

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