Finn turns 2 -

Finn turns 2

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When you are the second child, you get the shaft sometimes. I try to make all things “equal,” but here I am on Sept. 2 reporting about Finn’s birthday on Aug. 19. In all fairness, he was 11 days late coming out, so two weeks late with birthday thoughts isn’t too bad.

Finn has added so much joy and consternation to the last two years. He has a wider range of emotions than anyone else in this little family. He can be overtaken with joy and giggles. He can also be found laying on the floor, screaming and beating his legs, arms and head against the hardwood.

Finn has strong opinions on everything. He knows what he wants and just as importantly, what he doesn’t want. He gets that from Rigby.

Finny wants to do whatever Anders does. He wants to be a big boy. He is a more of a risk taker than Anders and physically coordinated. He knows a lot more than he lets on.

We had a garage sale a few weeks ago and got rid of the last of the baby stuff. It made me a little wistful, even though babies were tough on us. (No, there will not be anymore babies.)

Now that Finn’s two, we are officially through the infant stage and firmly into little boyhood.

Anders and I waiting to meet the new guy or gal (we didn’t know until Finn was born whether he was a boy or girl. With Anders I was so sure he was a boy, with Finn I was a little surprised he wasn’t a girl.)

Anders and Finn in the Sweet Pea Children’s Run on Finn’s due date. We still had 11 days to wait…

Just a couple minutes old. Luckily, he got much cuter.

Swaddled up and ready to sleep.

Anders left for daycare as an only child. He came home to find this.

Finn enjoys his first cupcake at his first first birthday party in California.

Finn enjoys his first piece of cake at his second first birthday party in California.

For his second birthday I made a double batch of chocolate cupcakes so he could take some to daycare on his actual birthday, and have some for his weekend party. I’m kind of super mom.

The boys are ready to celebrate Finn turning 2.

“Good grief, people,” Finn thought. “Stop your yammering and start feeding me cupcakes.”

“I can taste those cupcakes already,” Finn thought.

Mogie and Big H enjoy some tortellini.

Bring on the cupcakes!

Anders wanders off to climb a tower.

“Please, no singing. I hate the singing,” Finn said to himself.

It’s a party.

Finally, the cupcake is served and the singing is over.

Mom enjoys a cupcake with the boys.

Mogie notices how delicious Anders’ cupcake looks…

…so she gets one of her own.

Where’d all the frosting go?

The party was fun until I got roped.

Of course, Anders thought roping mom was the best part.

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