Finding a new trail in Livingston -

Finding a new trail in Livingston

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There are few things more exciting to me than a new trail. I like to bushwack as much as the next person, but a nice trail makes traveling with boys and dogs a lot easier. A brand new, never-traveled trail in town makes our already awesome life even better.

This trail officially opened about a month ago on the east end of town, just over the Yellowstone bridge. There is a dirt pull-off near a green gate. You’ll see the dog poo-bag stand and stacked wood.

This is a flat, gravel road that passes several sculptures and artwork. It loops through an open field, skirts between a cattle ranch and an irrigation channel (of the Yellowstone River), and ends at the Yellowstone River across from Mayor’s Landing.

We didn’t walk all the way to the end, but it doesn’t seem very long. The boys are looking forward to riding their bikes there next time.

It’s dog-friendly, but the there weren’t any bags at the poo-bag stand, so bring your own, just in case. City workers were installing trash cans while we were there, and there are tables and benches for picnicking–or walking on, if you are my boys.

Interpretation signs describe some of the birds, mammals and other species of interest in the area.

We had a great time on this new trail. It wasn’t a wilderness experience, but it was close to home, had plenty of room for the dogs to run around without me yelling at them, and the boys were entertained by the art and interpretive signs. I just like being outside with my crew.

It might look like cord wood, but it’s art.

Balancing act.

A is for Anders.

This sculpture sings when the wind blows through it, which is about everyday in our fair town of Livingston.


F is for Finn.

If you are ever looking for Finn, check the end of my arm.

If you are looking for Anders, check out in the grass somewhere.

If you are looking for Diesel, check the end of a stick.

To find Rigby, well, good luck with that.

Update: I guess we got there before all the signs were up. Turns out that dogs must be on a leash :(

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  1. @Marj- So glad you made it out there. I loved all your snowy photos!

    @Debi- We are already planning bike rides and other adventures there.

    @Chris- You make a good point.

    @Eva- We really like the sculptures and other art, too!

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