Field Trip Friday: ZooMontana -

Field Trip Friday: ZooMontana

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It had been awhile since we visited ZooMontana in Billings, and for some reason it’s always a spontaneous trip. The first time we went it was because I saw something on Facebook, threw some lunch together, packed our stuff, and was off. This time wasn’t much different. I woke up, thought about the zoo, and we went.

In other ways it was very different. No stroller, no diapers, no dreading the car ride. I packed lunches, jackets, and my phone (loaded with the Pippi Longstocking audiobook), and hit the road.

ZooMontana is pretty tiny, as far as zoos go, but there is something special about the natural areas, the creek, the playgrounds, the sensory garden, and little farm.

Anders ran the whole time we were there (yay!). Finn even let go of my hand and ran a bit (yay!). Nothing better than watching your kids tire themselves out.

It wasn’t as pretty as when we’ve visited in the fall, but we did have the place to ourselves. And since it was in the 40s the day felt a whole lot like spring.

Checking out the bald eagle.

Stop! The wolverine is in Minnesota breeding.

Running down one of the nature trails.

Look! My mom keeps making me pose for pictures.

I love the wolves. They always make me think of Rigby.

Petting the goats.

Finn was most excited about seeing the chickens.

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