Field Trip Friday: White Sulfur Springs -

Field Trip Friday: White Sulfur Springs

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We love to be tourists in Montana. Within an hour or two (or less) there are a lot of cool places to explore. A lot of great places for a field trip.

We’ve spent plenty of time in the Spa Hotel hot spring pool, but there was more of White Sulfur to see.

We still like the pool, though, and started there. It’s looking a little grimy these days, but they are building a new pool (and 16 new rooms) set to open in December.

Ready to swim.

The famous Spa Hotel murals.

It’s a mini-Mammoth Terrace in the indoor pool.

Our next stop was at the castle. The museum is closed for the year, but we had fun picnicking, running around on the lawn and balancing on the stone walls.

Montana’s only castle.

Picnicking at the castle.

This looks bad, doesn’t it?

I wanted to walk around downtown (two or three blocks with a few shops), so that was our next stop. We wandered around a strange store with five million items. Like a thrift shop, but not as nice.

It’s beginning.

Sweet boys.

Oh so much stuff…

This would look great in our place!

We found this way back in a room behind a room behind a room. Meow.

Downtown WSS.

Then the boys talked me into a “snack.” That’s Finnese for sweet treat. They got milkshakes at Dori’s. If you are not used to Montana decor, this place might be a little frightening. Luckily I am hardened to the heads-on-the-wall-thing. We played games identifying the animals while we waited for our food.

Two of the many critters keeping an eye on us.

Mmmmm milkshakes are the perfect way to end a WSS outing.

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