Field Trip Friday: Helena, again -

Field Trip Friday: Helena, again

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Remember when we went to Helena in February and the kids’ science museum was closed? And we had a great time eating ice cream and buying tea anyway? Well, we went back again last week and combined an Exploration Works! trip with all the fun things we discovered earlier this year.

After a two hour drive, we always need to burn off some energy and have some food. The Great Northern Town Center is a great place to eat a picnic lunch. There are several restaurants, but I’m too cheap to eat at those. Plus, that whole thing about burning off energy….

A permanent outdoor exhibit traces Lewis and Clark’s journey through Montana. Interpretive signs mark 19 historical sites from their journey through Big Sky Country. This expedition takes you to places like Pompeys Pillar, Gates of the Mountains, Three Forks of the Missouri and Clarks Canoe Camp, to name a few. We just played on the things closest to our lunch spot, but I am planning a Lewis and Clark trip this summer, and we will definitely stop here.

Anders and this grizzly get along much better than the Corps of Discovery got along with the bruins they encountered.

Then on to the main event–Exploration Works! . The boys could have stayed here all day. We spent about two hours exploring the small, but well done, museum. They were really dialed in to each exhibit.

While I do find this stuff interesting, I don’t have nearly the attention span of little boys. I love that they are at the age where I can sit and knit, and they can figure out the exhibits for themselves.

Exploration Works!

When I did finally pry them away from the museum, we took a mandatory ride on the Great Northern Carousel.

A little ice cream, a little tea, and our day was done. I’m so glad we made it back up to Montana’s capital city; I’m sure we’ll visit again soon.

Mmmm…green tea ice cream!

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What: Exploration Works! , Great Northern Carousel, The Great Northern Town Center, and Big Dipper Ice Cream.
Why: Learning about science, Lewis and Clark’s journey through Montana, and fun. Who doesn’t love a carousel and ice cream? No one.
Where: Helena, Montana. Get directions here.

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