Field Trip Friday: floating the Madison -

Field Trip Friday: floating the Madison

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Since I quit my job and am living the life of luxury, I have the time and energy to institute Field Trip Fridays.

For our first FTF we floated the lower Madison River with some friends. It was also Finn’s birthday, so we had double reason to celebrate.

We joined Dorel and her twin 4.5 year old daughter, Kiris and Gray, for a lovely few hours in the Montana sunshine. We floated from Warm Springs to Black’s Ford.

Checking out the river.

Getting the raft ready.

Silly fun.

Dorel kept us pointed downriver and out of the reeds.

The Madison is really shallow and we were able to stop in the middle and let the kids get out and play.

Dorel pulled us up to a big rock in the middle of the river and the kids jumped on top.

That evening we had Finn’s second birthday party (the first was during their last day of daycare). Mogie and Big H came over for dinner, cupcakes and presents.

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