Field Trip Friday: Bozeman -

Field Trip Friday: Bozeman

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Right now I am in Peru on my birthday trip, hiking over 4550 meter (14,927 feet) Yanama Pass. It’s the highest point on the trip and I think it is safe to say that I am sucking wind–hard. That’s almost 15,000 feet! I went ahead and posted this ahead of time so you wouldn’t miss me.

When I plan a field trip I tend to think further afield than Bozeman, but there are plenty of fun things to do right over the hill.

We started off our grand adventure with a stop at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture. A friend had alerted us to an Einstein exhibit. It was very artsy, and I didn’t really get it, but the lights were pretty. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” so we went with that philosophy.

I later read that it was supposed to be like being in a star field and that the disc on the floor represented a black hole. The eerie music was the sound of the gravitational pull of the black hole. I probably should have been more on top of it and read the brochure before we got in there. It was still pretty cool.

Checking out the black hole.

This was a cigarette dispenser that was rehabbed to sell tiny pieces of art.

Next stop was the Children’s Museum of Bozeman. The kids love going here, and normally I can use their wifi to work. Win-win. But the wifi was out, so we stayed for about an hour and then hit the Bozeman Library. The boys read and built with blocks, I worked, and another field trip was enjoyed by all.

Building a marble run.

Moving seeds around.

Plan Your Own Trip

What: Emerson Center for Arts and Culture, Children’s Museum of Bozeman, Bozeman Library
Why: To learn and play…and get some work done.
Where: In Bozeman, Montana. Follow the links of the individual places for directions.

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