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Endangered Species Have Feelings Too–ABC Feelings

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As much as Facebook can drive me crazy from time to time, I have met some really great people there. This week alone, we’ve hosted two people/families that I’ve connected with through Facebook and this blog. It’s great fun getting to know so many like minded and interesting people.

Last week, I met Danielle via my TravelingMel FB page. Turns out she lives just over the hill and is friends with another FB friend, so there is a good chance we will connect in person one day.

Danielle’s mom recently released an Endangered Species coloring book.

Endangered Species Have Feelings Too is an educational book that children of all ages will enjoy coloring while becoming aware of the plight of twenty-six endangered species. The text offers characteristics of the animal/insect as well as their struggles to survive because of human impact on nature and species. As an added bonus, the child is expanding his/her feelings vocabulary which boosts their emotional intelligence.

We talk about the plight of animals, plants, and the planet a lot around here, and this looks like a great resource to put some feelings to those facts. I can’t wait to dig in with my kids!

If anthropomorphized animals bother you, this may not be your book. But, that’s kind of the point–using the way animals may feel to understand your own feelings. And hopefully after reading this book, and coloring in the gorgeous drawings, we might feel a little more for the critters we share the planet with.

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