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Henry posted some photos from our trip to Maryland. I put the link at the bottom so you’d have to look through all my photos first.

So you want to see pics from our Easter extravaganza? (Aren’t you glad I didn’t say eggstravaganza?)

Here’s how the day went.

Too early: H gets up with the boys. I hear Anders lamenting that the Easter Bunny didn’t come. I hop out of bed, tell them I am getting my phone out of the car. Quickly, I hide our 10 eggs and leave baskets on the porch. With much enthusiasm, I announce that I thought I saw an egg in the planter outside.

Our beet-dyed eggs. The cracked ones are Finnzilla’s.

Note to self: Use smaller baskets so the Easter Bunny doesn’t look so chintzy.

Reaching for eggs is even cuter when you wear footie-jammies.

Forget eggs; there are rocks to collect.

Well hidden egg.

8:30am: The eggs have been found, pancakes eaten and the kitchen cleaned up. Now what? We make an impromptu trip to Chico Hot Springs and soak in the pool. The camera was not in attendance.

12:00pm: Home again. A little lunch and then we walked down to Sacajawea Park for the annual community egg hunt. It is freakin’ cold and my hands hurt, but still lots of fun. Hundreds of eggs are scattered across the soccer fields. When the sirens on the firetruck screamed, hundreds of kids rush onto the grass and grab as many hard boiled eggs as they can. Anders came back with more than 20 eggs. Finn got two–he was too overwhelmed to pick them up, so I grabbed a couple before considering that we really didn’t want all those eggs.

Anders awaits the start of the hunt.

Lu comes over to play with us.

Hunting grounds.

Finn guards the stroller.

Our annual family photo.

Double basketing.

The haul. What are we supposed to do with all these eggs? The dogs already got one each.

When Lu barely touched our stroller, Finn promptly grabbed the baskets out and protected them from her.

Too cute to be an egg stealer. Or was that her plan all along?

Man that kid is cute. I’m not just saying that because he looks just like me at that age.

Post-hunt swinging.

More post-hunt swinging.

Sara and Lu battle the wind.

2:00pm: Home again. Finn naps. Anders goes in and out of his room enough times that I give up on his nap and let him watch the Polar Express.

5:30pm: A dinner of bunny and chick-shaped pasta with veggies. Fancy.

Oh, how did that get in here?

There are more pictures from Easter here.

And definitely check out Henry’s photos from Maryland.

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  1. You are hilarious. I LOL’d again in Borders with the footie-pajamas caption and Finn protecting the eggs. After we found eggs and played with the Easter presents (Legos for both kids), Si says, “Is that all there is to Easter?” I guess he was underwhelmed.

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