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Easter preview

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I was hoping to have a big spring celebration around the equinox, but the boys and I had croup that week. Yes, croup. All three of us. Easter is basically a spring celebration co-opted by religion, so we are celebrating that instead.

To prepare, we had friends over to dye eggs, the symbol of birth and fertility. We used beets, spirulina, turmeric and grape juice for the dye. The grape juice eggs turned a bit sticky.

Finn using beet juice to color one of his eggs.

After the egg dying, Anders, Kiris and Gray covered Finn in animals. It’s a gentle reminder that the boys have all the stuffed animals they need.

Last year I was up late the night before Easter knitting the boys stuffed rabbits. They were so cute, but I am going to honor my own request and not make them animals this year.

Instead they get new pants. Both were repurposed from clothes I found at the thrift store. Turns out that Finn’s pants came from a shirt a friend donated. That’s the thing about small town thrift stores, you are likely to end up with a friend’s cast offs.

New pants! (Finn’s on the left, Anders’ on the right)

I’m also filling their baskets Earth balls, books (A New Beginning for Anders and Spring Thaw for Finn) and bubbles.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring…however you celebrate.

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