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Easing into the New Year

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A good way to end the year: the view from my solo ski on New Year’s Eve.

We are taking it slow, this ringing in the New Year. The bathroom is still dirty and the kitchen needs restocking. I like to start things off fresh, with a blank slate ready to be filled with the designs of the next year.

Finn was under the weather for a couple days at the end of 2012. He passed that on to Anders, who is still in recovery mode. It’s just a cold that we are batting around the house, which Henry and I are ducking and weaving to avoid, but it means someone has been laying on the couch all day for the last few days.

Before Anders got sick, I took him ice skating at a park in Bozeman. He loved it. He would have kept going after an hour of skating, but it was time for me to go home. When Finn felt better yesterday, Henry took him skating on the lagoon here in town. He loved it, too. I see a new winter sport in our future. If only I hadn’t sold my old skates when I thought we were moving…

Ice skating at Beall Park in Bozeman.

Tomato soup after the skating. One look at those eyes tells you this kid is getting sick.

But, back to taking it slow. I had planned to jump in this morning with some writing practice for the boys. With the holidays over and the decorations (mostly) down, I wanted to get back into our “routine.” (Sidenote: We really have no routine. There are a few placeholders during the week: gymnastics, my gym classes, ukelele lessons, but otherwise it’s pretty free flow.)

My inclination is to push the boys–get them out for a walk, a little skating, or to the library. Another day of sitting around isn’t attractive. But, I’m learning to ignore my instincts and use my brain. Stay home. Rest. Play games and read books. We can get back into “normal” life tomorrow. If I do that, there won’t be meltdowns on the sidewalk, or tears from overdoing it. Yes, ignore my instincts, use my brain.

Taking it easy in the house.

In between books, snuggles, and low-key play, maybe I can get the house cleaned up.

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