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{I love} pretty baubles

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About a month ago, Henry was in Denver…or Atlanta, I don’t remember. Regardless, I was left to entertain myself for four days. One evening I found myself falling down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest.

I can’t really describe the site, but I find all sorts of great craft ideas, home improvement samples, kids activities and more. Don’t go if you don’t like Internet addictions. I don’t pay a lot of attention to clothes or jewelery or other “style” topics, but a necklace someone posted caught my eye. Partly because it was gorgeous and partly because it was so inexpensive.

The price surprised me, so I clicked through to the site it originally came from. Etsy, of course. Another place where I can lose myself in homemade and vintage loveliness.

After cruising through the creations from DesignByNulek I found the necklace pictured above. Turquoise plus a flower? For $22? And just $5 shipping from Thailand? I figured it was worth taking a chance.

Three weeks later I am wearing it and getting tons of compliments. Because it is gorgeous at any price.

I am considering this one next, but I might wait awhile and see what else she comes up with…

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  1. Oh good – I just purchased a pearl bracelet from DesignByNulek and when I shelled out $20 (inclusive of shipping, conversion, etc) I was left with the feeling that this may be too good to be true. So we’ll see! Thanks for quelling my fears 😉 If I like it, I’ll buy 5 more for my bridesmaids!

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