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John Steinbeck said, “I am in love with Montana. For other states, I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love, and it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”


We couldn’t agree more. Montana is home and travel for us. We love nesting in our chosen town at the Original Gateway to Yellowstone National Park. And we love traversing the state–climbing mountains, floating rivers, wandering through small towns and large ones (by Montana standards), and getting to know the people that, combined with an astounding landscape, make this state great.


Montana is bigger than many of the countries we visit, so there is a lot to see here.

A Stone's Throw Bed and Breakfast in Livingston Montana

Things To Do in Livingston, Montana

Livingston is known for its winter winds. Cold air rushes up the Paradise Valley from Yellowstone National Park, tosses trash cans around, catches plastic bags in trees and knocks over small children. But there is much more than wind in the original Gateway to Yellowstone. From museums, to trails, to dining and kite flying, Livingston …

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Flower rock art created by Montana Banksy

An Interview with Montana Banksy

Montana Banksy on secrecy, inspiration, the Livingston, Montana art community, and why the ephemeral rock art will continue. Don’t you love finding something special and creative? Something that makes an already gorgeous place that much more interesting? Me, too. I’ve been really excited by the work of a local artist called “Montana Banksy” who has …

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Rock art on the Yellowstone River

A few days ago our local newspaper posted photos of rock art along the Yellowstone River. A fish with scales in pink, blue, and orange; a bison with a steely eyeball, concentric circles stacked on each other…it all looked very cool, very Andy Goldsworthy-esque. That evening our friends Erica and Michelle, and their tribe of children, …

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All in a day’s work

It’s been a pretty good January for me work-wise. And by that, I mean I’ve had some really fun adventures in the name of work. As a freelance writer, I can pitch any story I want to magazines and newspapers. It doesn’t mean they’ll take it, but they often do. Lone Mountain Ranch My first story …

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{Gallatin Canyon} Swan Creek Ski

It was like the old days. Before kids, before Henry, when Mariann and I would spend a couple days every week cross-country skiing on trails around southwest Montana. We were “researching” a ski guide. She made the maps, I wrote the words. We’d comb through maps and word-of-mouth reports to find trails we thought might …

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Snow sports, so fun

It’s been snowy around here — snowier than I remember December being. That white stuff has been on the ground in Livingston for a couple weeks now…and I love it! We’ve been sledding, skating, and cross-country skiing right in town. We are also getting out of town to enjoy snowy woods and steamy hot springs. …

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Livingston Holiday Stroll

On the first Friday of each December Livingston, Montana throws a holiday stroll. And we caught some of it on film.  

Fall Camping for Non-Hunters

Aspens are turning gold and umber, nights are longer, and days feel crisper. Summer is over—but don’t put away your tent and sleeping bag just yet. The warm days and cool nights of autumn are just right for a camping trip. When you’re planning your fall outing, you have to think about who else is …

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Spring weekend

Rain makes my garden bloom. I know “spring” means something different in other parts of the country. To you, it might mean sunshine and daffodils. I might be short sleeves and bouncy skirts. But here in Montana, it means cool weather and rain. Gray skies and saturated soil. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful …

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