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Central and South America

{Peru} Cuzco

Me in Peru I’m back from Peru, and it was great. The ruins were otherworldly, the mountains were steep and lush, and the new friendships are timeless. As you know, I take a lot of photos, but I am restricting myself to ten(ish) photos per post. Lots of mellow street dogs in Cuzco. Narrow, cobblestone …

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Buenos Aires

March 24, 2008 Yesterday we pretty much got packed up, returned the rental car, flew to Buenos Aires, took a cab to the hotel and had food. That was about it. Henry met us at the airport in BA, which was a nice surprise. A small side note: There is a super annoying song in …

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Last Full Day in Bariloche

March 21, 2008 Today was much more pleasant than yesterday’s cryfest. I only took one picture, so use your imagination. It will be a nice break because there are a lot of pictures coming up in the next post. We started the day with a yummy buffet breakfast at our hotel–Hotel Huemel. Then to the …

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Museo Lituano Olgbrum

March 19, 2008 This morning we set out for the Museo Lituano Olgbrum, the Lithuanian Museum. Apparently a lot of Lithuanians settled in this area of Argentina (there are about 8 Lithuanian families here, now). Apparently, Lithuanains open their museums at 5pm, so we dinked around Esquel for a while then went back to the …

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Hiking in Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

Parque Nacional Los Alerces

Hiking in Los Alerces National Park, Argentina It sounded like home last night with the wind whipping itself into a frenzy outside our cabaña. Today should have been the rest day as I was feeling pretty sick and could have used that 3-hour nap Anders took yesterday. Anders entertained himself (and me) by mimicking me …

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City Park in Bariloche

March 16, 2008 Today was a rest day. I feel like maybe I’m pushing Anders a little hard. There are so many things to do and see around here and I don’t want to miss out. But, he doesn’t sleep in the car like he used to, so when we go all day he doesn’t …

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Bariloche to Esquel

March 15, 2008 Driving from Bariloche to Esquel we left the lake district and entered the steppe. We drove from the province of Rio Negro into Chubut. It was a dramatic—not gradual—shift from sparkling blue lakes surrounded by towering mountains to rolling shrublands. From the cool colors of forest green, verdant green, cobalt and aquamarine …

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