Cowboy up -

Cowboy up

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I don’t know if I’ll ever be totally comfortable at a rodeo. Those poor calves and steers getting wrestled to the ground. They hit the dirt pretty hard.

Still, I like the rodeo. The Western culture: cowboy hats, belt buckles and boots. Now that I am taking a horseback riding class I understand a little better how much skill it takes to stay on a horse.

I took the boys to the MSU rodeo on Friday. We went to the slack event: the first go-‘round for cowboys and cowgirls who compete in timed-events. If their times are good enough, they get into the “real” rodeo. It’s during the day and it’s free, two things we like.

We met up with my friends Tiffaney, Jeff, Eva and Kyle.

Tiffaney took a couple photos for me.

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  1. Well, I guess, they will enjoy riding the rodeo themselves as they grow up. Western style lovers all adore watching a great rodeo. With the rodeo riders of today, getting older this makes room for new rodeo stars to emerge out of the shadows and learn to take command of the rodeo. Children in
    rodeos are judged mainly on their ability to manage and control the movements and speed of the cattle and horses. With the image of cowboys is highly associated with rodeo, the Texas legislature has named Rodeo as the official state sport.

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