Cold bad luck and why not to buy a VW Passat EVER -

Cold bad luck and why not to buy a VW Passat EVER

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It’s fairly chilly here right now, which is kind of a bummer given my luck the last few days.

Yesterday, the zipper on my down jacket broke. The jacket is only 7 years old. I wear it every day, but only half the year. Now I have to wear it open in below zero weather (even unzipped, it is the warmest thing I have). I was so in love with that jacket when I first got it. It was so fluffy and warm. A lot of the feathers have snuck out through the years, but I still am quite fond of the coat. I’ll mail it back to Marmot to have the zipper fixed, I just hate to be without my jacket for who knows how long during the coldest time of year.

Today, I was driving the Passat (DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS!) over the pass to go to Bozeman when it starts beeping at me and the word “STOP” flashes on the control panel. I can’t just stop since I am on a snow and ice-packed highway, but I slow down and get onto the shoulder. Turns out the engine overheated. It is -14 out. I am not kidding. 14 below zero and the car overheats?

Henry came and picked up the kids and brought coolant. I drove the car the rest of the way to Bozeman. Fortunately, the engine cools off pretty quickly when it is stupid-cold out, so I only had to stop a couple times.

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  1. Love your comment about the puffy coat. I’m wearing mine as I type… and will continue too all day, every day, until May… My husband Randy and I met you and your family at the Bunker’s chili off. Your blog is fun. Makes me miss Livingston, especially the Xmas Stroll… Stay warm! We’re getting a ton of snow in Jackson and we’re about as cold… Skiing when it’s 5˚ is tough… I’m ready for the teens!

    Merry Christmas to you!

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