Churchill 2012 -

Churchill 2012

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Polar bear slide!

I haven’t been posting about it, but I am having a blast in Churchill, Manitoba. Remember when I was up here last year? I’m having even more fun this time.

The reason for the lack of photos is that last month I became the social media manager for Polar Bears International ten hours a week. Among other things, I post for PBI on a bunch of social networking sites. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler (that’s not how you spell it, but my spam filter won’t let me do it right), and Pinterest among others. It’s left me a little less motivated (and with a little less free time) to focus on this blog.

If you’d like to see some of my photos, check out those sites. I’d love for you to follow them anyway and share them with your friends. If you care about polar bears and saving them, that is. If you’re a polar bear hater, forget it.

Eventually, I’ll get some photos up here. Until then, enjoy “my” other sites. (I’m also on Instagram @travelingmelmt )

Pretty, pretty polar bear climbing on the tundra buggy.

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  1. Hey Mel,
    So cool you’re doing social media work for PBI! You are far ahead of me in terms of skills in this field — are you the only one keeping the blog and other platforms going for them? I checked it out, and it looks like a lot of work! Very, very cool, though. “Liked” your page on FB so that I can keep up with what’s going on with polar bears, and your work. Any resources you found helpful in learning all this stuff?!

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