Christmas Eve -

Christmas Eve

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We’ve gone to a lot of parties this month. Holiday parties, birthday parties, Arbonne parties and work parties. We have two more between now and Jan 1. Of course, I haven’t taken any pictures until now.

On Christmas Eve we went down to our favorite coffee shop for a little get together. It was a pajama party and we had some delicious Moroccan stew with cous cous (it’s so good it was named twice).

Finn having so much fun in the playroom at Chadz.

More monkeys in the playroom.

Pajama party!

Rob making a toast.

After this party we went to another party where we stayed for a total of 15 minutes before I got too stressed out chasing the boys around. It was not a children’s party.

When we got home we got snacks ready for Santa and got the boys into bed. Then we brought out the many, many presents grandparents, uncles and aunts had sent for the boys.

Leaving cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. Anders chose how many cookies Santa got.

Some of the 24 + gifts for the boys. None from us.

…and the stockings were hung… I finished Finn’s stocking at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, unfortunately there is something hinky with the toe. Guess I’ll have to redo that before next year.

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