Christmas 2008: pancakes, presents, skiing and hot springs -

Christmas 2008: pancakes, presents, skiing and hot springs

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Unlike many children, Anders choose Christmas morning to sleep in. Seems that he finally got the memo on the time change. At the crack of 8:30 we stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen, poured ourselves a cup of ambition. Yawned and stretched and tried to come to life.

Jumped in the shower and the blood starts pumping…just kidding. Here’s where our morning diverged from Dolly Parton’s.

My mom always made us Swedish pancaked for Christmas and it just doesn’t seem like a holiday without them. I whipped up a batch (keeping the heat low and my brother adamantly instructs), filled them with boysenberry jam (I forgot to get lingonberry) and topped them with powdered sugar. Yum!

Breakfast of champions.


After a super sweet breakfast we were wired and ready to rip into the presents. There were so many presents and it took us forever to get through them. We are all so grateful for all the gifts and the thoughts and love that came with them.

Anders didn’t quite get the unwrapping part, but he loved the playing with toys part.

A clapper from the music set Aunt Susannah and Uncle Will sent.

H shows off one of his many gifts. (Others include kindness, generosity, brilliance.)

The sleeping bag I gave him on the off chance we ever go camping again.

New hat from my dad and Karen. Perfect for winter walks.

Recession? What recession?

One of Finn’s new toys. Anders seems to think it is called “mine”.

All the new toys, boxes, wrapping paper and cards were a little over stimulating for Anders. We did a quick pick up and then got on the computer for a web chat with H’s sister–Susannah, her boys and Mogie and Big H.

The cousins were pretty excited to see each other and Anders quickly identified his grandparents.

The next Skype session was with my mom, brother–Scott, and his girlfriend, Sarah. It was my first time “meeting” Sarah, so that was fun. Plus everyone in California got to admire Anders and Finn. Anders impressed them with his vocabulary.

It was time to get out of the house, so we loaded up the truck with all our ski gear (it’s a lot), swimming gear (not as much) and Rigby (easiest of all since he loads himself). Diesel is still healing from his knee surgery so he stayed home.

At Mill Creek we unloaded everything (except the swimming suits) and skied about 2.5 miles up the road to the Passage Creek trailhead and back. H pulled Anders in the Chariot and Finn snuggled into the Ergo on my chest.

Pre-ski tailgate party.

Anders and his PB & J.

Cross-country skiing can be pretty exhausting…even to watch.

H towing Anders.

My ski partner stared at me for 15 minutes, then slept through the rest of the tour.

Rigby is so cute.

Anders points out the Passage Creek Trail at our turn around point.

H skiing with Anders.

The next, and final stop, of our Christmas day tour was at Chico Hot Springs. We had a little snack in the grille and soaked and swam in the pool. As always, we saw several friends there and had a great ending to a busy day.

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