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I didn’t win the chili contest at the Bunker’s annual chili-off. This is the fourth year we were invited and still no trophy.

The first year H and I were running a little late. I was pregnant with Anders and we had been out hiking. On the way home we stopped by the store and grabbed a box of vegetarian chili mix. Just add beans and water. What can I say, time was limited. We tied for third place. We didn’t tell anyone what we had done.

The second year we made the same chili, plus cornbread. We gathered up 9-month old Anders, walked the three blocks to their house (bickering all the way) carrying all our stuff in the cold wind and snow–at least that’s how I remember it. When we got there it seemed strangely quiet. We were a day late. We walked home, continuing our bickering session.

The third year we tried the third place-winning chili again. I added a few extra ingredients to the gaseous mix, just to class it up a bit. After double checking the date on the invitation we asked our friend, Rob to babysit Anders. We took 2-month-old Finn and didn’t win anything despite the presence of our supercute baby.

This year H was out of town so I went alone, determined to bring home the prize trophy (it’s big and shiny). I looked up recipes on the Internet the night before–there’s planning for you. After dropping my mom at the airport, taking the kids to the Children’s Museum and shopping for chili ingredients, I only had two hours to prepare. The recipe said to leave the chili in the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours. I turned it on high and called it good.

Although I had a wonderful time, I did not win. I even voted for my own chili, it turned out pretty good.

I think next year will be my year.

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