Cherry Creek -

Cherry Creek

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The new video clips are up.

A few Saturdays ago Anders, Finn and I went for a little hike in the Cherry Creek wetlands on the East Gallatin River in Bozeman. We walked about 100 yards to the first pond and Anders was captivated. Ducks! That boy likes him some ducks.

We spent about 20 minutes looking at ducks and then Anders wanted to be carried back. No problem; Finn was in the Baby Bjorn on my chest, so I had two free arms.

We ate lunch at the picnic table and called it a day. My how hiking has changed for me in the last couple of years.

Anders shows off some grass he picked. Nice, huh?

Note the dog pooping in the background. A little reminder that I should look at everything in the frame before snapping a photo.

The novelty of picked grass wears off quickly.

At least she is picking up after her dog…


Golden grass and red willows

Here are a few video clips from the day. They are pretty shaky. It’s hard to hold that little camera steady with Finn kicking away on my chest.



Here is Finn being a creature.


Anders starts to fall into the pond.


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